January 12, 2016 Meeting

How to Gain Mastery of Your Well-Being
Presented by Sandra Kuffner
Sandra will be inspiring us with a talk and slide presentation about LIFE and how to gain mastery of your well-being, a great topic for our first meeting in 2016. She qoutes Einstein: “Only he who devotes himself to a cause with his whole being can be a true master. For this reason MASTERY demands DEVOTION.” This is a good quote to apply to mastering dowsing!

Sandra is a certified Quantum Biology Practitioner and an avid dowser. She has been devoted to well-being for some 35 years as a certified well-being consultant for staff at Landmark Education. She is also a certified Quantum Touch Practitioner and attended Chiropractic College with the intent to further her devotion to well-being.
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