2015 Christmas Program

Merry Christmas, Everyone!
We will have a potluck party on Dec. 8 at 6:15-9pm in the Kitchen. Everyone, bring your favorite dish to share if you can, but if you cannot bring anything come anyway! We always have plenty of food. After the potluck, we will adjour to the regular meeting room for a very fun program.
ELIZABETH WEEDN will show us how to use the power of our mind to bend spoons, and WE WILL ALL BEND SPOONS! She will bring the spoons–but please bring your own mind! She will also show us how to see AURAS.
DR. STUART MARMORSTEIN will also be there and will share with us his newest techniques he learned recently for pain and other tricky problems. He will demonstrate on audience members, so bring your trick knee or whatever!  Come early, it will be fun!
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