February 9, 2015 Meeting

Max Washburn will present his topic: After God, Creation and Love

There are two key words that explain the Universe, the real connective meaning, and our sole/soul purpose of our existence. A question he will bring up is, what dimension are we in? Bring your pendulums because he will ask us to dowse on the validity of a UFO crash in South Houston around 1974-1975.  This is your chance to practice your dowsing! Other topics include the secret of Aurora, Texas of 1897 revealed in 1973, clarity on the real meanings of cult and occult, and Aristotle’s coined terms of physics and meta-physics.

Max has been a dowser and miner of precious gemstones and metals for many years and will bring rocks, crystals and petrified wood for show and tell. Max is also a cousin of our late friend and dowser, Gail Brittain. Folks, all I can say is, Max is a real interesting person and this promises to be an interesting meeting! Don’t be late because he really can talk a blue streak and his stories are highly entertaining.

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