A Knotty Transition

My dowsing pendulum now resides on a shelf of a cabinet in the study.  I used to carry it, in a pocket, with me wherever I went.  I still ‘dowse’ but with no tools and with no outward signs except, sometimes, a slight pause in the conversation.  In my meditation, I was repeatedly told to try dowsing without any physical tools – not even rubbing my finger and thumb together.  I tried it.  I would get some kind of sensation in what felt like the middle of my brain.  It was weird and uncomfortable to me, but I decided to try the old “Give me a YES” and “Give me a NO” commands we use to prove out our use of a pendulum.  Both worked, but the “NO” was much more pronounced.  The “YES” was so faint as to sometimes be missing.  I first tried this in late 2014, but deemed it unworkable and stopped.  A few months later, I noticed that the chain of my pendulum had knots in it.  Dowsing via my knotty pendulum worked just fine, but I kept untying the knots anyway.  Never did figure out just how those pesky knots got there.  This went on for a long time – many months.  Now and then I would get in my meditation that I should put the pendulum aside.
Well, I would try ‘mental dowsing’ but it was difficult, and I would follow up with pendulum dowsing just to confirm my results.  Then the knots would come back with vengeance, with knots on the knots.  Untying all those knots was tiresome.  In my meditation, I realised that the knots on my pendulum chain were a message to NOT use it at all.  But I persisted, anyway.  Then, in early November, 2015, my dowsing results started going crazy.  I would get results that I knew were wrong.  The pendulum would indicate both YES and NO for the same question – repeatedly.   OK, I get it.  Just use mental dowsing.  “Use the force, Luke!”  Yeah, really!  Well, I can be stubborn, but after maybe a year of knotty frustration, I finally gave up.  My pendulum found itself stashed in a cabinet – there to stay.  [Oh, I will use the pendulum as a teaching tool.]
The mental process was very difficult for me.  At first, I could correctly get a NO, but the YES would be lost somewhere in the recesses of my mind.  I would ask for stronger answers, and that would help for a while.  The urge to drag out my pendulum was sometimes very strong.  Now, it is mid-January and dowsing is becoming easier again.  I find that mental dowsing is easier and much faster than dowsing with any tool.  I have managed to integrate the two processes: 
  1. Getting my questions answered.
  2. Receiving questions to ask (not my questions), and asking them. 
Yet I expect that I would revert to rods if I were ever to attempt to locate a well.  Why?  I don’t know.  I suspect that any dowser can make this transition, and that many have.  I just don’t know any of them.  I wouldn’t tell you to put away your pendulum to use mental dowsing.  Just telling you how it worked out for me.
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