March 2016 Meeting

We are pleased to host Ronald Wadsworth, the official spokesman for the Hopi Society. He is recognised and respected as a Hopi Elder, a Hopi Tour Guide, remarkable silversmith, and amazing storyteller of Mother Earth’s creation and the history of Mother Earth. In his presentation, he brings humour, insight and new awakening to the phrase: Mitakuye Oasin…”We are all related.”  He and his people are walking in two Worlds.  Walking in the Red Man’s Sacred Shoes yet living in the 3rd Dimensional world of materialism aka the White Man’s world. His presentation includes tools the Hope’s used to find water, the Creator’s instructions to the Hopi people and your instructions for your life, the ancient Kachina dances and songs to keep earth in balance, living on the 3 Mesas in Arizona from a spiritual perspective, and living in oneness. Come and learn the ancient way of finding water–a superior topic for dowsers! Ronald will have his beautiful jewellery on display for sale and will be available for private appointments during his stay in the Houston area. He can be contacted through Pat Fleury at Pat Fleury at Pat Fleury 281-469-2773   or

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