May 2016

April’s Healing With Water

Presentation — Review

We had a huge crowd and a very exciting program with Sandee Mac in April. In case you missed it, the entire information presented on Healing With Water, including the handouts, are available for free at: You can read all about it and download and print the list of labels to dowse, plus the book, and the actual labels. He asks for a donation so he can continue to offer this system free of charge to the masses.

May Meeting


So many people have asked for the handouts and how to use the labels from Sandee’s presentation that we will review the information on Tuesday May 10th, so if you missed last month’s meeting or would like a refresher, your prayers have been answered. Katherine Ashby will review the procedure of using the labels and also have a few sets of labels to sell for those who don’t have a computer to download them.


Information Versus Transformation

In addition to the review on water, Katherine will “show and tell” different kinds of pendulums–wooden, metallic, crystal, acrylic, etc. Did you know each type of pendulum has its own signature energy which can be measured? Bring your favorite (and odd) pendulums and test them on the radiesthetic color chart and a Bovis scale to see what kind of energy they put out. We will discuss the differences between information and transformation dowsing and practice a few sample sessions. This is a hands-on meeting and we will have time to practice using charts and transforming energy, so bring your pendulums and be ready to put into practice some new techniques.


Note: If you have any kind of dowsing instruments to sell, please bring them.


Katherine Ashby, of Feng Shui Houston, is a Professional Feng Shui Consultant and teacher in both Classical Chinese (Compass) and Black Sect Esoteric (formerly known as BTB) Feng Shui. She specializes in on-site residential and Real Estate Feng Shui and creative dowsing to make a difference instantly in the lives of her clients. Her practice includes prayer and blessing, information and transformation dowsing, Feng Shui and floor plan analysis. She has taught classes at Baylor College of Medicine, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and University of Houston and is the author of 8 digital books, Facing Prosperity: The Power of Your Personal Feng Shui Directions, available on her website, With Katherine’s philosophy of infinite possibilities for harmony and prosperity, her intent is to “do something about it” through consulting and teaching. She can be reached at or (713) 688-0980.

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