July 2016

Dr. Kun Wu will speak on Energy Psycology.


Dr. Kun Chi Wu is a M.I.T. trained medical scientist and former professor of medicine. His personal health experiences guided him to the study of life energy full time about 20 years ago. He has personally experienced the benefit of healing energy as he healed himself of fibromyalgia using Energy Healing. From 1998-2008, he developed and practiced a healing modality called Integral Chi Healing. For the last 5 years, he is focusing on the energetic aspect of emotional and mental diseases.  Recently, he found Ching (clarity) Chi (energy) Institute in Houston to develop programs for spiritual training and energy psychology to complement the Integral Chi Healing program. His mantra for enlightenment (an unbroken chain of Pure Awareness ) can be expressed in six words: Discover energy, Remove obstacles, Be Aware.

CARE-based psychotherapy is a comprehensive emotional energy healing based on the concept of Energy Psychology which recognizes that emotion is an energy as well as a mind problem. The term CARE denotes Clarity, Awareness, Realization and Energy, respectively. Unless the energy element of the problem is addressed, the solution to emotional and mental problems will never be complete. Emotional trauma (complex) is generated by a bodily reaction to stressful situations which results in body/soul misalignment. The goal of any long–term emotional healing is to eliminate your emotional trauma or complexes you built up in your lifetime and prevent any new emotional trauma or complexes from forming.

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