August 2016

Next Lone Star Dowsers Meeting, Aug 9th

This may well be the last meeting at the A.R.E. building.  The A.R.E. will discontinue Houston activities in September.  

Sandy Mac is our speaker this month — back by popular demand!

Her topic is Dowsing for Crisis Management.

In these exciting times we live in, we may experience both outstanding opportunities and significant challenges. Accurate dowsing can literally make a life or death difference for us and many others. W e will explore new ways to use our tools coupled with additional skills and protocol strategies to deal with just about anything—from natural disasters, epidemics, and social unrest, to personal security and defense.  Learn to dowse for supplies, probable situations, timetables, who to trust, and more. Take inventory of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as those in your own groups. We actually learn to make our own powerful medicines, no matter what the disease!

Identify what you need and then instead of experiencing overwhelm, or others that are freaking out, panicked, or fearful, YOU will have the resources to turn the entire situation around. We will cover the essentials of a “bug out bag” and leadership skills you can’t afford to miss. Take advantage of Sandee’s years of training, condensed from Tom Brown Survival Training & Tracker School to Combat Medicine School. You will get great handouts and learn to make ANY breakdown a BREAKTHROUGH situation. This class could be a lifesaver!

Newcomers are welcome. We pass the basket for donations.

Sandee Mac Class Details 


The Ultimate Intensive

With: SANDEE MAC…30+ years’ experience; former National President of ASD.
Are you re

ady to learn the ancient yet timeless art of dowsing? Far more than just “witching” for water, these are time-honored skills for discerning information not ordinarily available with the five senses. In these 2 remarkable days you will learn!!!

•History, concepts, & principles to become a highly skilled dowser.

•Hands-on training & practice with several kinds of dowsing tools.

•Skills to detect & block non-beneficial energies in your home & environment.

•Actual field experience & practice indoors & outdoor.

•Valuable & extensive (30+) handouts & charts to assist in your dowsing for:

•Health & well-being


•Spiritual work

•Clearing negativity

•Magnet broadcast

•Finding water

•Geopathic zones


•Healing work

•Making decisions

All of this & so much more will give you a thorough grounding in the practical aspects of this ancient and sacred practice. Long thought of as a “Gift” few people had, we now know it is a remarkable “Skill” anyone can be correctly taught. This is the one skill that will not only insure self-sufficiency; it may even save your life! (Remember Hurricane Katrina?)

•Attendance is limited to optimize individual attention…register early!

•A selection of quality tools will be available for practice or purchase at the class………. all other class materials are included in the fee.

Date & Time: Sat. & Sun…..….. July 30 & 31…….9:30 am – 5:00 pm

Cost: $ 125.00 or $97.00 advance pre-payment……$ (we can take CC!)

Location:……………….…….706 Bow String Cove, Houston, Tx. 77079

Contact: KATHRYN…….(713)-688-0980 or SANDEE …… (505) 577 – 5775

Contact: Carol Money…. (281) 650-0482

Sandee Mac Class Details

Emotional Resolution:

Powerful, Quick & Easy! 

What an Amazing Day!

With Sandee Mac

This is a unique opportunity to learn how to release those trapped or underlying emotions to achieve abundant health, love, & happiness. We are all pure vibrating energy and each emotion we’ve ever experienced also has a vibration that determines how we feel & experience the world. It quite literally determines our beliefs & the negative ones directly influence everything including:




•Ability to give & receive love

•Success in any career

•Spiritual development

In this life-changing, hands-on workshop you will learn & practice:

•How to identify, clearly locate & release any trapped emotions

•Identify & clear emotions from Ancestors….. even Past Lives!

•Discover & clear any Heart Walls (93% of people have one!)

•How to use this on others at a distance

•Clearing trapped or negative emotions on animals

•How to align the conscious & subconscious for goals

This accelerated intensive workshop is oriented to healers & therapists, but open to anyone who genuinely wants to master this skill to help themselves or others. Extraordinary times require extraordinary solutions & and surely this is one of them! Be sure you don’t miss out ….so reserve your space now!

Date & Time:..Saturday, August 6…..9:00AM to 5:30

Cost:…. $125.00 or $97.00 advance pre-payment….$ (we can take CC!)
Location……………. 706 Bow String Cove, Houston
Contact: Carol Money…. (281) 650-0482

Private Consultations: Sandee will also be available for private consultations, which may include such diverse things as past life regression, removing energetically old embedded objects, shamanic soul retrieval, emotional clearing, trauma resolution, neutralizing allergies, changing limiting core beliefs, hypnosis or Higher Self work, releasing confused or interfering energies or clearing genetic or family patterns. Consultations normally run 1 1/2 to 2 hours long. To schedule a private consultation, call Carol Money 281-650-0482.

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