October 2016

October 11th Meeting

Dr. Wu will be our featured speaker for our October 11th meeting on the topic of “Energy Rhythm.”

Dr. Kun Wu is a M.I.T. trained medical scientist. As long as he could remember, he was always low in energy because he was afflicted with Post-polio syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Twenty years ago, he abandoned his research career and spent full time to find a solution to his energy problems. Gradually, he was guided to the field of energy healing. His traditional research experience helps him have a balanced approach to the subjects of subtle energy. He has personally experienced the benefit of healing energy as he healed himself of fibromyalgia using Energy Healing. He co-founded Ching Chi Institute in Houston where healing practice, research and teaching can be performed concurrently.

We will meet October 11, 6:00-8:00 PM at HEB Community Room on I-10/Bunker Hill, 9710 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77055  This is the same location and time as was the September meeting.

Energy Psychology: A Path to Integral Emotional Healing 

Dr. Wu is offering a two-day course on this topic.  Location, date and time detailed below.

Integral Emotional Healing is an advanced healing technique which integrates four levels (physical, energy, mental and spiritual) of energy manifestation to heal you and others of emotional and mental imbalances. This workshop is suitable for students with major traumatic experiences as well as students with the intent of maintaining a balanced emotional life. It is divided into four sections.

The first section of the course tackles the fundamental question, “What is emotion?” Only when the origin, property and function of emotion are clearly defined can the solution of overcoming emotion can even be attempted. In this section, you will learn:

•Concept and origin of emotional trauma or complexes explained in its most elementary term.

•Model of emotional unit or complex formation.

•The property of life energy and its relationship to emotion.

•How the accumulated emotional trauma throughout the lifetime affect our life.

•The importance of maintaining high basal energy level to prevent emotional outburst.

The second section of the course focuses on developing a strong energy field (Wei Chi or protective Chi) and integral awareness to prevent the intrusion of emotional entities into our aura. It involves cleansing of 5 organs and awareness meditation. The topics include:

•Balance of organs’ energy as a foundation for emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

•Concept and practice of 5 organs breathing meditation in transforming negative emotions.

•Development of an integral awareness to maintain your aura strength.

•The strategy of leading a rhythmic life to minimize suffering and emotional reaction.

•The relationship between emotion and rational mind/belief.

Based on the model of complexes’ formation, the third section emphasizes the techniques that prevent the formation of new or similar complexes, deactivate the existing complexes and finally break up the old complexes. The topics include:

•The development of the inner observation and its role in preventing reactions in daily life.

•The teaching of meditation and mindfulness technique and its role in deactivation the existing complexes.

•The use of personality type or tendency as a tool to enhance realization/awareness.

•The role of realization/awareness in breaking up old complexes.

In the last section, the students are guided to design their own programs to fit their emotional needs.   The topics include:

•General procedures to neutralize negative emotional energy from yourself and others.

•Specific energy techniques to treat addictions, trauma, anxiety, grief, depression and obsession.

•Emotional causes of chronic illnesses and specific techniques to overcome them.

By mastering the information you learn from the workshop, you would be able to reduce your emotion by at least 5% a year.


Date & Time: Oct. 1 & 2 (Saturday & Sunday) from 9 am – 4:30 pm.

Fee: $220

Location:  Ching Chi Institute (9894 Bissonnett Dr. Suite 292 Houston TX 77036)  Phone no. is 832-654-2885 and Email address is chingchiinstitute@yahoo.com Website: www.chingchiinstitute.com

A discount of $20 for students who preregister by sending a deposit of $100 to 10300 Harwin Dr. Apt# 208 Houston TX 77036 by Sept 23.

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