September 2018 meeting: Dowsing the Oil Patch with Robbie Robbins

Tuesday, September 11, 2018
7-9 PM
Central Market Community Room (upstairs)
3815 Westheimer Rd., Houston, TX 77027

Dowsing the Oil Patch!
by Robbie Robbins

I remember when I went to Europe during the time when the soap opera “Dallas” was a popular TV program all over the world. When our German hosts found out we were from Dallas, Texas they assumed we had an oil well in our back yard. They thought everyone in Texas did! Our favorite long-timer, Robbie Robbins, may or may not have an oil well in his back yard, however, he has been in the oil business a long time. He will talk about a pipe failure in an oil well that he has dowsed about in his consulting business. Robbie has a long history in the oil patch, as we call it in the South, where he employs his knowledge of the oil industry, specifically pipes in oil wells, with his skills as a dowser to get answers to intriguing questions. When there is a pipe failure down-hole, no one talks! There is only the evidence remaining. What is the purpose of pipe in an oil well? Why are there failures? Come and learn how to dowse your back yard oil well or just learn how to dowse!

About Robbie Robbins:

Robbie Robbins is a seasoned dowser. He graduated Burnet (Texas) High School in 1951. He spent four years as a Navy welder aboard the USS Sperry Submarine Tender. He graduated from the University of Houston; Mechanical Engineering 1969. Robbie has spent most of his working life in the Oil Patch. His specialty is Pipe Failures. Robbie’s first classes in Dowsing were held at Vernell Boyd’s home. He continued his dowsing skills by attending Raymon Grace and Joey Korn seminars. He currently attends the Lone Star Dowser’s meetings where he often teaches dowsing tips. He also leads a healing group.

Robbie Robbins with a dowsing chart.

Robbie Robbins with a dowsing chart.

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