October 2018 meeting: Chiropractic Revelations with Dr. Stuart Marmorstein

Tuesday, October 9, 2018
7-9 PM
Central Market Community Room (upstairs)
 3815 Westheimer Rd., Houston, TX 77027

Too strange for the National Enquirer: The Book of Chiropractic Revelations 

by Dr. Stuart Marmorstein

Can conventional chiropractic adjusting, massage work and yoga stretching throw your spine INTO mis-alignment (not a misprint)? Is it really possible to instantaneously correct pelvic and hip balance with a patient sitting…by tapping them lightly on the SHOULDER?  Yes, you read that right! And, if you want to see these and other phenomena demonstrated LIVE on fellow Lone Star Dowsers participants and guests, then don’t miss the October 9 meeting. Dr. Stuart will talk about some of the surprising things he has witnessed in his own practice and will introduce information about how he is interacting with the body’s internal computers to uncover (and successfully deal with) what is REALLY “ailing us.” This meeting will be Show ‘N Tell: no snoozing will be even remotely possible.

About Dr. Stuart Marmorstein:
StuartMarmorsteinDr. Stuart Marmorstein, a veteran chiropractic practitioner, researcher and teacher, will share his latest discoveries about how he uses muscle testing and acupuncture points in the detective work he uses every day to help his patients to ditch pain, and to regain, attain and maintain health. Four days later, he will be teaching a Master Class for Doctors of Chiropractic in his new Houston office location.



From Katherine Ashby, Lone Star Dowser Program Director:
This is an unusual and very timely demonstration, as we seem to be bombarded by so many strange phenomena in this world today that can affect not only the physical body but our life force energy, our emotions, and even our will to live. I, for one, am looking forward to Stuart’s presentation.

Best wishes for a most energetic life!

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