November 2018 meeting: How to Resolve the Weird and Unusual with Gwen Foster

Gwen Foster

Gwen Foster

Tuesday, November 13, 2018
7-9 PM
Central Market Community Room (upstairs)
3815 Westheimer Rd., Houston, TX 77027
Fee: Pass-the-basket / pay what you choose

How to Resolve Weird & Unusual Things that Bother You 
by Gwen Foster

This follow-up talk by Gwen Foster will present some creative resolutions to the Weird & Unusual “unseen” influences, that can negatively affect our everyday lives, that Gwen talked about at our June meeting. Some of those influences include entities, aliens, EMF’s, solar radiation, cell phone radiation, negativity, weather patterns, living with people who have mood disorders, etc. Gwen will share what she has come up with so far, and we would like for you to share your knowledge and expertise on how you have successfully resolved unusual issues that others may suffer from. We will also put our heads together to see if we can resolve issues that may be on-going. Everyone should bring a pendulum to test what remedies might work for you! This promises to be one of our most Weird & Unusual meetings!

About Gwen:
Gwen Foster has been a Naturopathic Doctor and Hanna Kroeger Practitioner in the Houston area almost 20 years and was Director of Hanna’s Peaceful Meadow Retreat in Boulder for 5 years. Gwen is also the owner of NuVision, an advanced health software that she uses with her clients. You can find out more about NuVision here – continues to teach Hanna’s work plus trains other practitioners on how to use the NuVision software plus develops her own educational courses on natural health topics. Some of her past lectures can be found on YouTube at

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