February 2019: Vanessa Orr–Analyst, Psychic, Medium, Dowser

Tuesday, February 12, 7-9 PM
Central Market, Community Room (upstairs)
3815 Westheimer Rd @Weslayan
Houston, TX 77027

Vanessa Orr: Analyst. Psychic. Physical Medium. Professional Dowser.

Vanessa’s gifts and talents have been with her during her entire life. At the age of six, Vanessa was shown how to dowse by her paternal grandmother and father. However, this skill set was frowned upon to share with anyone outside of the three: grandmother (with Native American bloodlines), father and six year old Vanessa. Dowsing was invoked by Vanessa’s family in order to locate water veins in the ground. Having grown up in the Sandhills of Nebraska and the Platte Valley served by the Ogalala Reservoir which prevails under the majority of the landlocked state. Veins of water were dowsed with a Y-shaped branch from a certain tree in the backyard of Vanessa’s grandmother.

The Y-shaped branches gleaned by Vanessa’s father (because he was tall enough to reach certain branches) were energetically selected by Vanessa’s grandmother. The Y-shaped dowsing branches always returned 100% accuracy in locating the best underground water veins to drill water wells for corn irrigation and dredging pastures for cattle ponds so that Vanessa’s family cattle herds could have ubiquitous amounts of fresh water for their cattle
pastured from April through October.

Dowsing is the cornerstone to Vanessa’s psychic/physical medium modalities. Vanessa is a professional psychic medium who invokes dowsing 100% of the time during all her modalities for pure accuracy for her client base. The leveraged value of accuracy in Vanessa’s readings is 94+% to date.

Vanessa Orr

On Thursdays, you’ll find Vanessa invoking her dowsing skills during her radio show “Full Soul Readings” found on News For The Soul (newsforthesoul.com) where Vanessa’s presents a myriad of topics and takes live readings from listeners, Instagram and Facebook. Vanessa says, “It is important to own truth in your career, your business, the marketplace, in relationships, in every facet of your life.” And dowsing establishes the perfect accuracy in owning truth.

You can find Vanessa at fullsoulreadings.com and via iTunes, blogtalkradio.com, newsforthesoul.com, Instagram (vomba11) and on Facebook (Vanessa Orr). Vanessa has an MBA with concentrations in statistics, project management licenses, certifications and was a licensed private investigator in Texas while finishing her MBA.

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