March 2019: Increasing Quality of Energy with Dr. Ging

Tuesday, March 12, 7-9 PM
Central Market, Community Room (upstairs)
3815 Westheimer Rd @Weslayan
Houston, TX 77027

Increasing the Quality of Your Energy to Enhance Your Dowsing Skills

by Dr. Chris Ging

You are invited to meet a most interesting and innovative health practitioner, Dr. Christopher Ging, DOM (Doctor of Oriental Medicine), Licensed Acupuncturist and Medical Detective. He is presenting his unique perspective on how to increase your overall well-being, energy and vitality to increase your ability and skills in dowsing. He was in Houston last month and worked with several people I know who greatly benefited from his treatments, and we are fortunate to have him here again this month.

Dr. Ging

I’ll let Dr. Ging speak in his own words:

“God is merciful on me, and has revealed to me comprehensive knowledge concerning healing. Over more than 35 years of practice I have fought and won over many challenging diseases on behalf of the patients with exceedingly high rates of success including stage 4 cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Sleep-apnea, insomnia, tinnitus, glaucoma, emotional/mental disorders, pain symptoms (gout, migraines, arthritis, neck, lumbar, sciatic, knee, ankle pain), brain related disease (post-stroke rehabilitation, Traumatic brain injury/concussion, aneurysm, ADD/ADHD, autism, memory loss), frequent nocturnal urination, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, COPD, asthma, and other life-threatening chronic diseases. Through miraculous healing I have saved many lives, becoming the last resort and last stop of conventional medicine drop-outs in major cities of the U.S. My secret is nothing but A-Z thorough diagnosis of primary root causes. I root them out, simultaneously with prayer, in one to three sessions of acupuncture treatments along with a few proprietary Chinese herbal formulas. 95% of the patients have received immediate results before getting off the treatment table after one to three sessions of approximately 2-hour acupuncture treatments. They begin enjoying a new life journey, and life-changing and life-charging experiences. Many of my articles and healthcare talks may be viewed at my websites and Dr. Christopher Ging YouTube. Should you need more information on any challenging diseases or symptoms, please let me know. Thank you for your support.”

Event is pass-the-basket / pay what you choose.

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