April 2019: Master Dowser Sandee Mac

Tuesday, April 9, 7:00-9:00 PM
Central Market, Community Room
3815 Westheimer Rd, Houston TX 77027

Old and New Dowsing Tools and How to Apply Them to Old and New Problems
by Sandee Mac, Master Dowser and Metaphysician

The Mac is back! Sandee Mac is a master at using her considerable personal power of intent and the dowsing system to discover and adjust things in our lives that we want to change for the better, whether it’s our state of health, wealth or happiness. You can be a deviceless dowser and use the body’s own natural ability to respond to questions and other stimuli or you can use any number of dowsing tools. The point is to practice dowsing everyday to increase your effectiveness in taking the responsibility of making your life greater, easier, safer, and more fulfilling. Sandee will introduce some new energy tools (Slim Spurling rings, aura meters and more) for dowsers who want to go to the next level. It’s amazing what you can do with these tools to protect yourself and family from extreme weather or the new 5G technology, for example. She will also demonstrate many of the tried and true dowsing tools such as pendulums, L-rods and bobbers and show how to clear harmful energies in your environment and in your own energy system, get rid of allergies, and much more!

Sandee will also announce her Houston classes, including Comprehensive Basic Dowsing on April 13-14, and two new ones, Time Travel: How to Clear Past Lives on April 19, and Ancestors: They Hold the Key! on April 20. In between classes, she is available for private consultations. Contact Carol Money to register for classes or consultations at 281-650-0482 or carol.money@sbcglobal.net.

sandeeAbout Sandee Mac: Sandee Mac is a long-time Houston metaphysician. She is a frequent speaker at numerous conferences in the US and abroad including England, Canada & Bosnia. Sandee has been researching & teaching a vast array of techniques since the 70’s. She has traveled all over the world to places like Peru, China, Tibet, Greece and Africa to learn from a variety of teachers and masters. As a result, she is certified, trained or initiated in over 70 different modalities ranging from Black Hat Sect Feng Shui, Dowsing (Past President of American Society of Dowsers), Past Life Regression, Shamanism, NLP, Hypnosis and much more. Sandee uses a variety of these tools and techniques in her private consultations to help people overcome a range of issues, including physical pain, disease, and fatigue to mental illness, depression and emotional difficulties to relationship problems to money blockages. She has also worked with UFO abductees and contactees for over three decades. In addition to her private consultations, she loves to share her knowledge with others. She regularly teaches classes in Dowsing, Psychic Protection, Creating Abundance, Past Life & Regression and many other topics. She currently resides in the mountains of Arizona. Sandee can be reached at 505-577-5775, sandeemac100@gmail.com and www.SandeeMac.com.

Dowsing is fun, easy, and best of all it works. Don’t miss this unique and practical presentation with Sandee Mac, a Master Dowser and teacher to many of our favorite dowsers! Please arrive early to get a good seat, as the room will probably fill up. Thank you and I look forward to seeing everyone!

Event is pass-the-basket / pay what you choose.

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