April Classes with Sandee Mac!

Sandee Mac is coming to town! She will be in Houston April 9th – 21st. Please take this valuable opportunity to join us at one of her workshops or book a private appointment with her.

Here is her upcoming schedule:

Dowsing Tools In this presentation, Sandee introduce many of the basic tools used in dowsing such as pendulums, L-rods and bobbers. She will also talk about how to clear harmful energies, get rid of allergies and much more! Dowsing is fun, easy, and best of all it works. Don’t miss this unique fun, and practical presentation! Tues, Apr. 9, 7-9pm, Donation. Lone Star Society of Dowsers, Central Market, 3815 Westheimer, 77027

Q&A and Trunk Show Fun & exciting evening with Sandee! This will be a great time to spend with Sandee. She will select people to demonstrate her vast combination of tools & techniques. This is also a great chance to learn about all the cool gadgets and tool’s that Sandee brings to make our lives easier! Fri., Apr. 12, 6-9pm, Donation. Light snacks will be served. 2201 Morse Street, Westheimer/Shepherd, 77019.

Basic Dowsing Workshop Are  you  ready  to  learn  the  ancient,  yet  timeless,  art  of  dowsing?  Far  more  than  just “witching”  for  water,  these  are  time-honored  skills  for  discerning  information  not ordinarily available with the five senses. In these two remarkable days you will learn how to dowse for the best vitamins and supplements for your health; find answers to relationship and financial questions: learn how to identify geopathic zones and negative energies which can be affecting your home or place of employment, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! As always, there will be lots of handouts and hands-on experience. (Returning students can take the workshop for ½ price!) Sat. & Sun, Apr. 13-14, 9:30 am – 5pm. $175 / $195 at door.  2201 Morse Street, Westheimer/Shepherd, 77019.

Emotion Code Releasing In one session, emotions trapped in the body from one’s own experiences, present or past, or from other people, can be released through a simple procedure. Monday, April 15, 4-7pm. $95. 4314 Yoakum Blvd., First Floor. To register, contact Jennifer Embry at 713-703-9952 or jjembry@earthlink.net before April 12.

Time Travel & How to Clear Past Lives In this class we will identify past lives which may be harmfully affecting us in our current life. Maybe we experienced a challenging situation or had limiting beliefs which we are still carrying with us. We will travel back in time and clear these energies so that we can lead happier, more fulfilling lives!  Fri., Apr. 19, 9:30 am – 5pm. $97 / $125 at door. 2201 Morse Street, Westheimer/Shepherd, 77019.

NEW CLASS! Ancestors: They hold the Key!  We are all part of a great lineage and carry parts of our ancestors with us. If they had a happy, joyful life and lived in grandeur, or if they were sad and depressed and lived in catastrophic times, both of these energies can affect us in our current lives. (Or if our ancestors put curses on other people, it can affect us too.) Using dowsing techniques, we will learn to clear harmful ancestral energies which can have a deep and lasting effect on us, even on a DNA level! This is a very experiential workshop where you will learn techniques to clear these energies.Sat., Apr. 20, 9:30 am – 5pm. $97 / $125 at door. 2201 Morse Street, Westheimer/Shepherd, 77019.

For information or to register for a class or private consultation, call or text Carol Money at 281-650-0482 or email carol.money@sbcglobal.net.

Feel free to share with friends who may be interested! 

For more information about Sandee, her classes or private consultations, visit www.SandeeMac.com

About Sandee Mac: Sandee Mac is a long-time Houston metaphysician. She is a frequent speaker at numerous conferences in the US and abroad including England, Canada & Bosnia. Sandee has been researching & teaching a vast array of techniques since the 70’s. She has traveled all over the world to places like Peru, China, Tibet, Greece and Africa to learn from a variety of teachers and masters. As a result, she is certified, trained or initiated in over 70 different modalities ranging from Black Hat Sect Feng Shui, Dowsing (Past President of American Society of Dowsers), Past Life Regression, Shamanism, NLP, Hypnosis and much more. Sandee uses a variety of these tools and techniques in her private consultations to help people overcome a range of issues, including physical pain, disease, and fatigue to mental illness, depression and emotional difficulties to relationship problems to money blockages. She has also worked with UFO abductees and contactees for over three decades. In addition to her private consultations, she loves to share her knowledge with others. She regularly teaches classes in Dowsing, Psychic Protection, Creating Abundance, Past Life & Regression and many other topics. She currently resides in the mountains of Arizona.

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