May 2019: Dowsing Water (101)  Presented by Lexie Lumiere

Lone Star Dowsers May Meeting
Tuesday, May 14, 7-9 PM
Central Market Community Room
3815 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77027

Dowsing Water (101) 
Presented by Lexie Lumiere

Drinking water is a fundamental human necessity and something that the water companies should be managing as effectively and efficiently as possible, but this is not always the case since Hurricane Harvey. Water has a modern use today and also a spiritual component that “beckons” it into a physical space. Dowsers, or water witchers (from the witch hazel, a popular divining rod of the early American settlers), usually called finding a well, spotting a well, or simply – finding water. Many claim that their divining rods cross over when the presence of water is detected below ground. Some refer to it as a pseudoscience, but there are more than 12 water companies in the UK and many across the United States that have admitted they are still using the practice of water dowsing.

In this presentation we will discuss some of our water purification processes in use today and discover:
1) Can dowsing determine the quality of the (bottled or tap) water you drink everyday?
2) Can dowsing determine if there are invisible chemicals lurking within the water?
3) According to ancient teachings, why does the water suddenly come into an area? Come to class and find out! Bring: Pendulum and your favorite bottle of water.

About Lexie:

Lex Lumiere (Mariposa), known as The Intuitive Artist, is a 4th generation Prophetic Dreamer, Energy Healer of former Lucia Bettler at Lucia’s Garden, and Healing Touch Practitioner at University of St. Thomas, providing bio-field therapy (magnetic field around the body) to students and faculty, an energy based approach to health and healing. She is also an Award Winning Artist, Certified Oneness Blessing Giver, PCT and an intuitive reader. Raised in the holistic community, her great-grandmother and great-aunt were Spanish and Apache Indian Curandera (traditional native healers) at the turn of the century. Lex is classified as a NDE (Near Death Experience) survivor who drowned in the rivers of Mt. Shasta as a teenager. She is the owner of Healing HeARTS, specializing in helping people heal themselves from PTSD. She intuitively tunes into the client’s auric field and draws or paints a pictorial and symbolic interpretation, then uses the images and other modalities to give an intuitive reading of the client’s life.

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