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Via Mass Spec Instrumentation with 2-ppm Glyphosate solution

To follow-up Lex Lumiere’s presentation on Water last month, here is the research results from one lab on the different types of water filters.  According to Mike Adams the Health Ranger’s CWC Labs, these filters remove the highest amounts of pollutants from our water, listed by category of filter type and in descending order from best (highest percentage of removal) to lowest percent removal. This list is for glyphosate; the results for heavy metals and other pollutants, including radioactive, testing results can be founds at the Natural News website.

Big Tabletop Gravity Filters:

Big Berkey—with 2 ceramic elements at the top and arsenic and fluoride filters—100% removal

Aqua Pail by a company called Be Ready—with only one filter—removed 100% of the glyphosate


Crystal Drop—87%


Water Pitcher Filters:

Zero Water—100% removal of glyphosate (it claims to remove everything) (comes with a TBS sensor to tell you when to replace the filter)

Seychelle water filtration with bigger filter than the one below—96.9%



Seychelle with smaller filters, pH20 Pure—39.1%


Culligan—26.8% (similar to low-end water bottle filters)

Water Bottle Filters:

Seychelle Sports Bottle C – 21.6%;

Seychelle Sports Bottle B—30.8%;

Military-looking Canteen Bottle D—33.7%;

pH Life—37.9%;

Seychelle Sports Bottle A—52.9%.

Bottom line: surface area of the filters matter; the bigger the filter, the better job it does overall.

Microwaving: in experiments, microwaving water with glyphosate in it at 2 ppm increases the concentration of glyphosate in the water. At 4 minutes, the concentration of glyphosate increased 150%! So microwaving food that contains glyphosate, does not destroy it; it increases it!


Solutions for the Incurable, Presented by Dr. Christopher Ging:

Saturday, June 8th, 6-9 PM, $10 Love Offering

A Moveable Feast, 9341 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024

Dr. Ging will see patients in Houston from June 8-13th.

Tel: 832-868-9993, 817-469-8823


Adhi Two Owls: Advanced Energy Sciences: 

Saturday, June 22 – Sunday, June 23, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM 

In this two-day workshop participants will learn a wide range of energy knowledge and how to apply it to everyday life. The world is composed of energy shifting in a large symphony of patterns and resonances. Learn the deeper knowledge of how it works and how to make corrections to re-balance your life. This work is supportive of all other energy systems and opens you up to ways you thought might not be possible. Bring a notebook and a pendulum if you have one. There will be pendulums for sale at the workshop and handouts.

Day One: Saturday, June 22

Energy, how it works and how to engage with it. You will learn a specific dowsing technique called “Radiesthesia,” which is the foundation for assessment, diagnostics, treatments and correcting energy imbalances. What will be covered on the first day:

What is energy?

– How does it affect people, places and things.
– How does the body read and perceive energy.
– Radiesthesia
– Different types of pendulums and sacred forms use throughout history for healing and transforming energies
– How to calibrate a pendulum for diagnostics and healing
– How to diagnose the body
– How to diagnose places and spaces
– How to dowse maps and use charts for understanding what is happening energetically in a person or place.

Day Two: Sunday, June 23
Many different ways to apply the techniques learned on the first day. Bring maps, photos of people you know and objects you want to change the energy of. What will be covered on the second day:

– Transmutation technologies
– Sai Sanjeevini’s healing protocols
– Bio/Energy Signatures in nature, how to recognize them and use them for healing and re-balancing
– How to color balance a space using Radiesthesia
– Inter-dimensional healing and balancing
– How to clear spaces of unwanted energies, thought-forms and other energies
– How to create energy balancing tools and much more…..

$250 for the two-day workshop. To register, call Adhi at 267-884-4252 or email
Location: 2201 Morse Street, Houston, TX 77019

About Dr. Adhi Two Owls: Adhi Moonien Two Owls is a trained Shaman and healer, with a formal background in fine art from Kansas City Art Institute. She received her Doctorate in Therapeutic Counseling from Open University of Alternative Healing Sri Lanka, 2013.  Other areas of study include earth and natural sciences, Physics, Astronomy, Tibetan Buddhism and its related meditation practices, Western Spiritual practices and the causes of magick and alchemy, Qi Gong, meditation and Chinese medicine, Sacred Geometry, Egyptian Biogeometry, Radiesthesia (vibrational dowsing), Medical Radiesthesia, and Map Dowsing for water and minerals.  Adhi has spent 20+ years studying the design, function and uses of Sacred objects as they are found all over the world. She uses these ancient sciences and designs to develop contemporary objects that meet the needs of today’s community and energy challenges.

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