July 2019: Better Dowsing Through the Art and Science of Flow By Evangeline Caridas, Flow expert

Better Dowsing Through the Art and Science of Flow
By Evangeline Caridas, Flow expert

Have you ever wanted to be more creative, innovative and productive, but you weren’t sure exactly how to go about it? Then this program is for you! This talk is highly experiential. It takes you through the steps of tapping into your creativity and innovation and increasing your productivity, even in your dowsing. Creativity, innovation, and productivity are skills that can be learned. Some people are naturally blessed with an abundance of talent in certain areas, but anyone can improve their performance if they have the proper tools.

Evangeline uses a pendulum in her practice of SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy). There are certain things she does to make sure she’s getting accurate answers. She will teach “creativity and flow” or how to get and stay in “the zone.” Participants can apply these strategies to all areas of their lives.

Participants will have fun, as well as, be given tools that are practical and results driven. We will model behaviors of people that are tops in their field, for example athletes like Michael Jordan, scientist Albert Einstein, and comedian Steve Martin. This will be a very interesting presentation! Bring your pendulums!



About Evangeline Caridas:
Evangeline partners with organizations to achieve outstanding sales and business results by unleashing the commitment, creativity, and productive power of their people. She has been an adjunct professor at the University of Houston, main campus, in the department of Retailing and Consumer Sciences, School of Technology. Ms. Caridas conducted the first corporate study of “Flow.” She is a published author and has written many articles in the area of Performance Improvement Strategies. She is an entrepreneur and has just launched Synthesi Institute, an Educational Institute in the area of creativity, innovation, ecology, and wellness. She is involved with Urban Harvest in Houston, an educational center focusing on sustainable development and green living.


Lone Star Dowsers
Tuesday, July 9th, 7-9 PM
Central Market Community Room
3815 Westheimer Road 
Houston TX 77027

Cost: Pass-the-Basket / Pay-What-You-Choose

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