Special Dowsing Event: Creating Energy Signatures with Dr. Adhi Two Owls

Energy signs and signatures have been around for 1000’s of years. From cave images to the logos/brands of today we can see their power and impact everywhere. Come and learn how to dowse and create energy signatures for health, wealth and well-being.

We will explore and learn how to draw and make sigils, symbols, as well as, learn the protocols for drawing energy signatures. These can be placed in the environment or on the body. Participants will also learn how to use these energy forms to balance people, places, and things.

We will use the book Biosignatures written by Dr. Ibrahim Karim as one of our resources for this class. You can order the book on Amazon.

Cost: $45 at the door
Please register by RSVPing by text to Katherine at 713-688-0980.

Adhi Moonien Two Owls is a trained Shaman and healer, with a formal background in fine art from Kansas City Art Institute. She received her Doctorate in Therapeutic Counseling from Open University of Alternative Healing Sri Lanka, 2013. Other areas of study include earth and natural sciences, Physics, Astronomy, Tibetan Buddhism and its related meditation practices, Western Spiritual practices and the causes of magick and alchemy, Qi Gong, meditation and Chinese medicine, Sacred Geometry, Egyptian Biogeometry, Radiesthesia (vibrational dowsing), Medical Radiesthesia, and Map Dowsing for water and minerals.

Adhi has spent 20+ years studying the design, function and uses of Sacred objects as they are found all over the world. She uses these ancient sciences and designs to develop contemporary objects that meet the needs of today’s community and energy challenges.

Thursday, July 18th, 1:30 to 4:40 PM
2201 Morse Street, Houston TX 77019
Fee: $45 at the door
RSVP to Katherine at 713-688-0980

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