Holiday Party – Fun with the Power of the Mind!

Tuesday, December 10, 7-9 PM
Central Market Community Room
3815 Westheimer Rd, Houston TX 77027

Holiday Party – Fun with the Power of the Mind!

Join us in our annual Christmas Holiday Party and a spoon bending experience with Elizabeth Weedn. Refreshments will be served at 7 followed by one of our favorite presenters. You may bring sweets, meats, and other goodies to share on our table. We will nibble a while and may play a dowsing game or two (bring your pendulum!) while our speaker sets up, then the real fun begins!

Normally we ask Elizabeth Weedn to guide us through seeing auras and bending spoons. This time we have asked for more unusual activities like rebar bending. If we are lucky we might get to break boards. She will race through some of the usual activities to build energy, and then go for it!

When Elizabeth is not busy with real estate, she explores metaphysics.  She shares with us, what others have passed on to her regarding the power of the mind.


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