NEW Location, Date and Time!

Dear Dowsers,

Change is in the air!
Since Central Market changed their booking policies for using the Community Room, Robbie and I looked for a new and even greater meeting space. We found a great space and all of our needs are met!
Beginning in March, the new permanent home and schedule for the Lone Star Dowsers will be:
Trini Mendenhall Community Center
1414 Wirt Road, Room 106
Houston, Texas 77055
6:30 PM–Set up + Meet/Mingle with Fellow Dowsers
7:00-8:30–Meeting + Speaker
9:00–Elvis has left the building, no exceptions!
Room 106 is to the right, next door to the restrooms. That may change–CHECK THE ROSTER ON THE WALL across from the main door of the building to confirm each month.
In many ways, this is an upgrade–the room will hold 50 people with tables and chairs! There is a lobby inside the main entrance of the building with chairs and restrooms to the right, so you can wait for your friends. There’s free coffee in the back right lounge where you can eat before the meeting (no food or drinks are allowed in the meeting rooms.)
Trini Center is on the east (downtown) side of Wirt, just north of West View. For those who don’t know, Wirt is the same as Chimney Rock, only it’s north of I-10. No more traffic jams at 610/Westheimer and the Galleria area! The parking lot has plenty of free parking and is safe and well-lit. Look for the flags as a landmark. Across the street is Petco, Kroger’s, and a gas station.
No Tuesdays were available. Our day is the 3RD WEDNESDAY. We have the room at 6:30 for set-up, 7-8:30 PM for meeting and speaker, and we must leave the building by 9:00 PM sharp!
Please make a note of the new schedule: 3rd Wednesdays except for October (1st Wednesday):

March 18

April 15

May 20

June 17

July 15  

August 19

September 16

October 7 – 1st Wednesday-only one due to voting

November 18

December 16

While changes and upgrades are great, I realize we may lose a few people who can’t get to this location as easily, or Wednesday may not work for you, however, please check it out before you make your decision. Come and see how bright and comfortable the Trini Center is, and I am so pleased with the tables and chairs for everyone!
I will ask Emily to send another newsletter for March when the speaker is confirmed. THANK YOU, EMILY, for sending out the newsletters and keeping everyone informed! THANK YOU, ROBBIE, for booking the room and filling out the application!
Wishing you a Most Benevolent Outcome for 2020!
Katherine Ashby, Program Director
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