REPLAY: April 2020 Meeting and Info from Juan Carlos Verastegui

From Juan Carlos Verastegui:

Thanks so much for having me!  I enjoyed the awesome energy of all the group and the powerful space we held for each other to heal last night!
Here is the Cheat Sheet info for accurate muscle testing:

Steps to ensure 100% accurate muscle testing

1) Check for reversal: • I want to be healthy; I want to be sick => First must test strong, second weak, otherwise there is global reversal.

2) If reversed, unreversed yourself temporarily: • Hold Five fingers together 2 inches above belly button and hold there while testing

3) Check for blocks to testing

• I am 100% free of any blocks to accurate testing.

• If weak check for:
➢ There is a false belief blocking my testing: I don’t deserve to know the truth, I shouldn’t know the truth, God is not safe for me when connecting for truth.
➢ There is a vow or contract blocking my testing: Maintain separation from God at all costs
➢ Check for hydration: Cage with 5 fingers surrounding belly button – Say ‘I want to be healthy’ – If weak, drink water (1/2 cup).
➢ Check for corticol split: One hand above left side of the head, the other one sweeping from forehead all the way to the back of the head and say ‘I want to be healthy’ – If weak, do the same movement, touch cerebellum with one finger (soft spot on back of the head) and tap 5 times above ears – This clears corticol split, now retest – If still not clear message me, might be something deeper.
➢ If you are still blocked after all the above message me, might be something deeper I can help with.

2) Check for deception in our testing
• I am 100% free of any deception in my testing. If it tests weak, you know attachments can be getting you in an emotional state were testing is deceived

3) Check for attachments
• I am 100% free of any spiritual: 1) Attachment, 2) Attack, 3) Obstruction, 4) Interference.
• I am 100% free of any non-physically attached fields
• If any of the statements above is weak, use the affirmation to clear attachments from our energy field.

4) Check for curtains in our testing
• I am 100% free of any curtains in my testing.
• If result is weak – Clear: ‘Intentions, beliefs, desires’ as a curtain. Touch perfume points with both index fingers, swipe hands above both sides of the head and tap 5 times above the ears.

Now you are ready to muscle test! If any of the above statements still tests weak, send me a PM in Facebook!

Affirmation for sending spiritual attachments and non-physically attached fields out of our field

I am sending these energies that are attached and resonating with me to the light, to integrate with the Light and Love of God

I ask God to fill this space where these energies resonated with abundant truth, love, life, joy and gratitude.

To reach Juan Carlos regarding his presentation and the sharing of the PowerPoint, please email Juan Carlos at:

Additional info from Juan Carlos:

1) Bi-weekly group healings, the next one is coming on 4/22 at 12:30pm, so I hope to see you all there!

2) Upcoming Online Cohort Training Program on Quantum Energy Healing

  • I am also putting together an e-mail list so that I can invite you to a Private Zoom call to walk everyone through the curriculum, costs, and timing – Would you be also be kind to ask the group to submit their names+emails for the invitation to the Zoom call to go through the Training program? (

Finally, for whoever wants to know more muscle testing tips & tricks – I have developed 4 deep videos that are in my Self Muscle testing training group page

Here is the trauma release code which helps anyone to 1) Move stuck emotions or emotions that are resisting to move, or 2) To move sludge / detox.   Just read it once and then people can rub or hover their finger above it as many times as needed to move the energies:

Release code:  e lf eb mf eb if e oe a c 9g

Let me know if you need anything else on my end, and thanks again for having me last night!

Many blessings!

Juan Carlos

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