May Online Meeting with Robyn Slagle

Our date for the May dowser’s meeting is Wednesday May 27th at 7pm. We will be meeting online. Our featured speaker will be Robyn Slagle.

robynRobyn is a Licensed Massage Therapist and uses a number of energy healing modalities to clear physical and emotional congestion. She uses these to assist you in clearing non-beneficial energy in the physical and subtle body which then creates a natural flow and regeneration of health. Some of her modalities include Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Light Language (geometric shapes and colors) and Divine Intervention (a healing modality passed down from a Mayan Lineage).

For our May meeting Robyn will show us how to use various charts to test yourself before and after a healing session, as well as test the vitality or purity of an organ, chakra, meridian, etc.
She will discuss DNA codes and how they resonate with the body’s inner knowing and how to activate them to clear stagnation, conflicts and to be revitalized!

This will be a fun and interactive experience!

Please note: The Zoom link will be sent out next week before the event.

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