REPLAY: Ayurveda for Immunity with Asal Shokati

Please enjoy this presentation by Asal Shokati, ayurvedic practitioner. She will discuss how we can keep our immune systems strong.

ABOUT OUR PRESENTER: Asal Shokati, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Restorative Yoga Guide, was born in Iran into a family with a Sufi lineage as well as Crimean and Turkic immigrants. Her great-great-grandfather was one of the first European trained physicians of Iran and her great-great-grandmother, a traditional medicine doctor, who wrote a book on the subject in the mid to late 1800’s. Although certain wisdom got passed down through her relatively modern family, by the time Asal was born, the knowledge was deemed obsolete and barely practiced in her childhood home. She arrived in Houston in 2001 to attend University of Houston pursuing a degree in Computer Science, which later changed to Management Information Systems. She also received a Masters in Science in Finance from Bauer College of Business and worked in various industry sectors including banking, non-profit lending, commercial real estate, and aerospace. It was in her early 30’s and due to various ‘mystery’ dis-eases and autoimmune issues that Asal intently decided to leave her ten-year track in the industry behind and pursue a lifestyle more in tune with her true essence. Throughout her journey, she became familiar with the Lone Star Dowsers and received various trainings by none other than Sandee Mac. She has since pursued her dream of becoming a yoga guide as well as an Ayurvedic practitioner. She incorporates simplicity and practicality, science and intuition and a good amount of kinesiology and dowsing in her teaching and consultations. Asal loves to paint, cook, travel and support women artisans. She also plays a small mystical instrument called Setar. You may learn more about her story and her practice on her website or .

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