Ronald Wadsworth

Ronald Wadsworth, the official spokesman for the Hopi Society. He is recognised and respected as a Hopi Elder, a Hopi Tour Guide, remarkable silversmith, and amazing storyteller of Mother Earth’s creation and the history of Mother Earth.  He can be contacted through Pat Fleury at Pat Fleury at Pat Fleury 281-469-2773   or

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March 2016 Meeting

We are pleased to host Ronald Wadsworth, the official spokesman for the Hopi Society. He is recognised and respected as a Hopi Elder, a Hopi Tour Guide, remarkable silversmith, and amazing storyteller of Mother Earth’s creation and the history of Mother Earth. In his presentation, he brings humour, insight and new awakening to the phrase: Mitakuye Oasin…”We are all related.”  He and his people are walking in two Worlds.  Walking in the Red Man’s Sacred Shoes yet living in the 3rd Dimensional world of materialism aka the White Man’s world. His presentation includes tools the Hope’s used to find water, the Creator’s instructions to the Hopi people and your instructions for your life, the ancient Kachina dances and songs to keep earth in balance, living on the 3 Mesas in Arizona from a spiritual perspective, and living in oneness. Come and learn the ancient way of finding water–a superior topic for dowsers! Ronald will have his beautiful jewellery on display for sale and will be available for private appointments during his stay in the Houston area. He can be contacted through Pat Fleury at Pat Fleury at Pat Fleury 281-469-2773   or

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February 9, 2015 Meeting

Max Washburn will present his topic: After God, Creation and Love

There are two key words that explain the Universe, the real connective meaning, and our sole/soul purpose of our existence. A question he will bring up is, what dimension are we in? Bring your pendulums because he will ask us to dowse on the validity of a UFO crash in South Houston around 1974-1975.  This is your chance to practice your dowsing! Other topics include the secret of Aurora, Texas of 1897 revealed in 1973, clarity on the real meanings of cult and occult, and Aristotle’s coined terms of physics and meta-physics.

Max has been a dowser and miner of precious gemstones and metals for many years and will bring rocks, crystals and petrified wood for show and tell. Max is also a cousin of our late friend and dowser, Gail Brittain. Folks, all I can say is, Max is a real interesting person and this promises to be an interesting meeting! Don’t be late because he really can talk a blue streak and his stories are highly entertaining.

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The Phenomenon Bruno Groening

From: “Bonnie John” <>

To: “Robbie Robbins” <>
Sent: Monday, January 18, 2016 9:59:17 PM

Hi Robbie,how are you?I’m showing the Documentary film again in Houston,I’ll show it in 3 parts on 3 separate dates at 2 of the community centers.I thought you might want to send the notification to the Houston Healing circle.It’s all good,Bonnie John

Dear Friends,we are showing the film about the life of Bruno Groening at 2 locations on Monday,Jan.25th.The film is in 3 parts and we will show part oneMonday at the Trini Mendenhall Comm.Center 1414 Wirt Rd at 1:00pm and at the Tracy Gee Comm. Center 3599 Westcenter Drive at 6:30pm.Part one is approximately 1 hr and 45 min.

This is a Film that everyone should see.Everywhere Bruno Groening appeared hundreds,thousands,even tens of thousands of people flocked to see him from all over Europe.For many it was their last ray of hope.Beaten down by the war,given up on by doctors,their one wish is to become healthy-free from pain and suffering.And Bruno Groening helps.His words-“There is no incurable-God is the greatest physician”and the unfathomable happens: innumerable sick people become healthy

The film contains excerpts of interviews from over one hundred fifty people that received healings and witnessed the miracles that occurred as well as radio and newsreel reports from that time.

The film is however,more than a glance at the past.Many viewers have reported that they suddenly felt a power,tingling,current in their bodies while watching the film.Some have even reported the disappearance of pain,handicaps and other forms of suffering.
Part 2 will be aired Monday Feb.1st  1:00-2:30 at Trini Mendenhall and 6:30-8:00pm at Tracy Gee.
Part 3 will air Friday Feb.19th  6:30-8:00pm at Tracy Gee and Saturday Feb.20 from 10:00 to 11:30am at Trini Mendenhall
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A Knotty Transition

My dowsing pendulum now resides on a shelf of a cabinet in the study.  I used to carry it, in a pocket, with me wherever I went.  I still ‘dowse’ but with no tools and with no outward signs except, sometimes, a slight pause in the conversation.  In my meditation, I was repeatedly told to try dowsing without any physical tools – not even rubbing my finger and thumb together.  I tried it.  I would get some kind of sensation in what felt like the middle of my brain.  It was weird and uncomfortable to me, but I decided to try the old “Give me a YES” and “Give me a NO” commands we use to prove out our use of a pendulum.  Both worked, but the “NO” was much more pronounced.  The “YES” was so faint as to sometimes be missing.  I first tried this in late 2014, but deemed it unworkable and stopped.  A few months later, I noticed that the chain of my pendulum had knots in it.  Dowsing via my knotty pendulum worked just fine, but I kept untying the knots anyway.  Never did figure out just how those pesky knots got there.  This went on for a long time – many months.  Now and then I would get in my meditation that I should put the pendulum aside.
Well, I would try ‘mental dowsing’ but it was difficult, and I would follow up with pendulum dowsing just to confirm my results.  Then the knots would come back with vengeance, with knots on the knots.  Untying all those knots was tiresome.  In my meditation, I realised that the knots on my pendulum chain were a message to NOT use it at all.  But I persisted, anyway.  Then, in early November, 2015, my dowsing results started going crazy.  I would get results that I knew were wrong.  The pendulum would indicate both YES and NO for the same question – repeatedly.   OK, I get it.  Just use mental dowsing.  “Use the force, Luke!”  Yeah, really!  Well, I can be stubborn, but after maybe a year of knotty frustration, I finally gave up.  My pendulum found itself stashed in a cabinet – there to stay.  [Oh, I will use the pendulum as a teaching tool.]
The mental process was very difficult for me.  At first, I could correctly get a NO, but the YES would be lost somewhere in the recesses of my mind.  I would ask for stronger answers, and that would help for a while.  The urge to drag out my pendulum was sometimes very strong.  Now, it is mid-January and dowsing is becoming easier again.  I find that mental dowsing is easier and much faster than dowsing with any tool.  I have managed to integrate the two processes: 
  1. Getting my questions answered.
  2. Receiving questions to ask (not my questions), and asking them. 
Yet I expect that I would revert to rods if I were ever to attempt to locate a well.  Why?  I don’t know.  I suspect that any dowser can make this transition, and that many have.  I just don’t know any of them.  I wouldn’t tell you to put away your pendulum to use mental dowsing.  Just telling you how it worked out for me.
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Sandra Kuffner

sandra-kuffnerSandra Kuffner is a certified Quantum Biology Practitioner and an avid dowser. She has been devoted to well-being for some 35 years as a certified well-being consultant for staff at Landmark Education. She is also a certified Quantum Touch Practitioner and attended Chiropractic College with the intent to further her devotion to well-being.

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January 12, 2016 Meeting

How to Gain Mastery of Your Well-Being
Presented by Sandra Kuffner
Sandra will be inspiring us with a talk and slide presentation about LIFE and how to gain mastery of your well-being, a great topic for our first meeting in 2016. She qoutes Einstein: “Only he who devotes himself to a cause with his whole being can be a true master. For this reason MASTERY demands DEVOTION.” This is a good quote to apply to mastering dowsing!

Sandra is a certified Quantum Biology Practitioner and an avid dowser. She has been devoted to well-being for some 35 years as a certified well-being consultant for staff at Landmark Education. She is also a certified Quantum Touch Practitioner and attended Chiropractic College with the intent to further her devotion to well-being.
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15,000 Years History of Human Spirituality

Dear Dowsers,

As you know, one must be very careful of one’s dowsing method and interpretation of dowsing results.  Attempting to locate a water well with sloppy methods, for example, can lead to very expensive dry wells.  Feedback is extremely important.  In many cases, you can simply go and look to get your feedback.  Is it there or not?  But for my study of human spirituality over the last 15,000+ years there is no place to ‘look’ for feedback except to other dowsers and their confirmation.

Therefore I ask you, please, look over the progress and the astounding results of my study.  Search for your own results to compare with mine.  Are humans in ice age America really significantly more spiritually aware than humans in much later times?  Is human spirituality rising now?  Please confirm or deny or question the accuracy, meaning and relevance of these measurements.

This study is an attempt to place a metric over human spirituality throughout a large range of human history.  I attempted to measure two qualities of human spirituality, namely, awareness and mutual respect.  Naturally, I used dowsing as both a measuring tool and as a ‘time machine’.  I requested results be presented to me on the Bovis scale – a scale familiar to dowsers.  The history range going back to 11500 BC is inspired by Magicians of the Gods, a recent book by Graham Hancock.  Please complain to me if you have any trouble viewing the PDF file.  I would enjoy any comments on the use of dowsing as a research tool.

These ‘measurements’ were made by going back In time to January of each year in measurement and requesting the per capita value for then-living humans, world- wide and also by area. The values were requested in thousands of units on the Bovis scale. All results were obtained by dowsing.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 23.25.24

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2015 Christmas Program

Merry Christmas, Everyone!
We will have a potluck party on Dec. 8 at 6:15-9pm in the Kitchen. Everyone, bring your favorite dish to share if you can, but if you cannot bring anything come anyway! We always have plenty of food. After the potluck, we will adjour to the regular meeting room for a very fun program.
ELIZABETH WEEDN will show us how to use the power of our mind to bend spoons, and WE WILL ALL BEND SPOONS! She will bring the spoons–but please bring your own mind! She will also show us how to see AURAS.
DR. STUART MARMORSTEIN will also be there and will share with us his newest techniques he learned recently for pain and other tricky problems. He will demonstrate on audience members, so bring your trick knee or whatever!  Come early, it will be fun!
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Teresa Maron

imageTeresa Maron discussed the symbolism of Valentines Day hearts, as it relates to the heart chakra, the 4th layer of the subtle body, and to Spiritual Guidance, by being pro-active in the use and interpretation of symbolism. As a Former National Champion Ballroom Dance competitor, she learned how Energy can be used to enhance the performing arts, how visualization can create positive outcomes, and the power of our Soul connection.
Web site: Joyful Journeys

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Doyle Ward

Doyle Ward is an intuitive medium, Licensed Heal Your  Life® Coach, Certified Grief Recovery® Specialist, and Certified Hypnotist focused on life transitions, career development, spiritual growth and overcoming personal loss. His unique ability to provide intuitive insight pertaining to all areas of life has helped countless people achieve their goals.  Doyle’s work is focused on connecting you more deeply to your own intuition and Infinite Inner Wisdom.

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Eppie Munoz

Eppie Munoz was introduced to the Jose Silva techniques  during the late 1960’s due to his father’s illness and recovery.  His father had one leg amputated, and was on the verge of losing the other one when a practitioner using the Silva techniques helped him to heal. In the late 1990’s he proceeded to learn Silva advanced techniques, and in 2000 took the Silva UltraMind ESP course.  He became a Certified Instructor in 2001, and has been helping others to learn the various techniques since then. His services include Healing with Food, teaching the Silva UltraMind ESP course, personal coaching, past life regressions, energy healing and motivational speaking. Eppie can be reached at

Cell:  832-530-3360


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Dr. Erich Hunter

Dr. Erich Hunter is a pendulum healer who transforms body, mind,  and spirit. After working for over a decade as a Ph.D biologist, he fully awakened to his spiritual path, and became a pendulum healer. Bringing the noble spirit of scientific inquiry to his intuitive wizardry, Dr. Hunter merges science and spirit with a grounded and compassionate approach to healing. He now resides with his wife in Ojai, California where he enjoys taking walks in nature, performing healing, and teaching people how to make their lives better using a pendulum. To learn more you can visit his website

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Peggy Sue Skipper

Peggy Sue Skipper 

Peggy is the author of three books:  The Art of Conscious Evolutions, Love Signs, and Ancient History Beyond The Veil.  In addition, she is an Intuitive Hand Analyst helping people understand their unique Life Purpose and Life Lesson(s).  Her A.C.E.S. classes, courses and workshops create space for people to fine tune, understand and honor their own intuitive abilities for practical use in their lives.

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Nathalie Abellan

Nathalie Abellan is an expert in body and mind awareness through the many disciplines that she has mastered. She is a Transformation Coach in the areas of personal effectiveness and holistic well-being, coaching business men and women and athletes of all kinds in making the impossible possible in their physical and mental well-being, in their life and in their flow of money. She is skilled in breaking through all your emotional and mental barriers to having a fulfilling life and relationships.

Nathalie’s credits include consultant to Olympic athletes, Certified Sports Educator in France, and professional body builder. She is the holder of 7 Regional French Olympic weight lifting records. How can someone so petite do that? In fact, Nathalie has so many credentials, including EDINA Medicine, SRT, ACCESS Bars Facilitator, Dr. Patrick Price’s Cellular Release Program, Baylor Sports Medicine Institute and National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

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Carol Culver

Carol Culver is a Hanna Kroeger Practitioner  and has mentored under Gwen Foster ND, of TLC Katy.  After a few years using the NuVision computer software to identify imbalances in a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual body she was guided to do intuitive readings and work with the gentle energy of the Angels, guides, and the Archangels to receive information about a person’s health.  Following the reading she works with the angels to channel and guide the healing process.

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Pot Luck Christmas Party & Program

December 9th, 2014


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Raymon Grace

Raymon Grace is a nationally known dowser who’s main objective is  empowering folks to gain more control of their lives.  His work with energizing water is being used in several countries.  He has been a guest speaker at our chapter meetings.
Web site: Raymon Grace

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Gwen Foster

Gwen Foster is a certified Master Neuro-Linguistic  Programming Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist, and Personal Coach. She received her Bachelor of Natural Health Studies with Highest Honors from Clayton College of Natural Health in 2003. Gwen earned her Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM) from the World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners in 2008, and became a Certified Alternative Health Practitioner in 2009. She was led to natural medicine because of her prior health issues of asthma, lupus, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and suffered from allergies, insomnia, acid reflux and shingles.  Gwen also uses Matrix Energetics, herbs, homeopathy, flower essences, nutrition and informational remedies.

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Gandhari Bouligny

Gandhari Bouligny, a long time healing arts practitioner and astrologer in Houston, is famous for her wellness and emotional support energy work. She will lead a demonstration on balancing the 7 chakras (energy centers) of the body with dowsing, breath, visualization and toning. When we are in balance energetically, emotionally and physically, we can have fulfilled lives of contentment and joy.

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