Dr. Stuart C. Marmorstein

Dr. Stuart C. Marmorstein (D.C.) was accepted into medical school before graduation from high school, but chose to focus on natural healing methods instead. He developed and teaches his cranial (skull) adjusting methods to doctors and healing arts professionals. Like the detective Sherlock Holmes, he solves unusual clinical mysteries by using muscle testing to learn from the body what it wants. Known for helping patients from around the world with fibromyalgia and other difficult pain conditions, he is recognized as an expert in this language, Applied Kinesiology.

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Zada Alexander

Zada Alexander is a spiritual teacher who  returned home to Houston in 2013 after seven years in New Mexico. She focuses her service to others through Intuitive Consultations, Mystery School classes, Astrology Readings and Voices of the Planet Chanting group.  After a life of spiritual seeking and unfoldment, she loves to laugh and enjoy the unpredictable and awesome journey we get to call life.   She earned a B.Mus in Voice Performance and a Doctorate Degree in Esoteric Philosophy.

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Dr. Billie Martin

With doctorates in dentistry and chiropractic, Dr. Billie Martin is also certified in homeopathy, acupuncture, Ayurveda, and a sundry other arts and sciences. He was a member on the C.A.M. (Complimentary Alternative Medicine) committee at UTMB for 3 years, and has been affiliated with M.D. Anderson hospital in a study program. Dr. Martin has also given lectures to the medical and civic communities.  He has practiced yoga and meditation, as well as medical radiesthesia (dowsing) for 40 years.

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Jeanne Lubbers

Jeanne Lubbers is a private practice non-denominational Minister since 2002, a Master Intuitive at the telepathy and remote levels, author of a Master Intuitive certification program, seven Intuitive Building Courses, Akashic Reader, Past Life Regressions and Reiki healer.  She is also a Master Channel/Medium, public speaker, and certified practitioner in NLP/HNLP Humanistic Neurolinguistic Psychology.

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Rev. Jeanne Lubbers

Jeanne LubbersRev. Jeanne Lubbers, IARP, is a Spiritual Ascension Teacher, NLP/ HNLP Life Coach(r), Master Channel-Intuitive, Reiki healer, NLP/HNLP certified practioner, cosmic energy healer, past life repressionist and a Speaker.

Jeanne is a valued speaker at the Dowsers meetings.

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Kim O’Neill

Kim O’Neill, voted Houston’s Top Psychic by Houston Press Magazine, is the author of How to Talk with Your Angels; Discover Your Spiritual Destiny; Bond With Your Baby Before Birth; The Calling: My Journey with the Angels; and The Wealth of Knowingness, published by 4th Dimension Press in July, 2014. For over twenty-seven years, she has conducted private channeling sessions for an international list of clients and established seminars and workshops designed to help people transform their lives and develop greater spiritual awareness. Her Web site is kimoneillpsychic.com.

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Mike Powers

Mike Powers provides to his clients pain relief from adhesions caused by scar tissue both visible and internal, such as that created by surgery. He has created a non-invasive technique that is not available in mainstream medicine because it requires energy work.

Mike also combines Medical Qigong, Massage Therapy and EFT into a seamless treatment for emotional and physical trauma. This does not require counseling, but rather is based on removing harmful energy patterns from the body’s energy matrix.

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Helen Racz

Helen Racz is an EFT practitioner, success coach, intuitive and physical empath.  Her unique style combines energy, humor and compassion to lead people into alignment with their desires, empowering them to live life on purpose with purpose. See www.helenracz.com for more info.

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Nathan Main

Nathan MainNathan Main is a favored guest speaker and has presented to our chapter more than once.

Web site: Spirit Transformation

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Katherine Ashby

Katherine Ashby, of Feng Shui Houston, is a Professional Feng Shui Consultant and teacher in both Classical Chinese (Compass) and Black Sect Esoteric (formerly known as BTB) Feng Shui. She specializes in on-site residential and Real Estate Feng Shui and creative dowsing to make a difference instantly in the lives of her clients. Her practice includes prayer and blessing, information and transformation dowsing, Feng Shui and floor plan analysis. She has taught classes at Baylor College of Medicine, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and University of Houston and is the author of 8 digital books, Facing Prosperity: The Power of Your Personal Feng Shui Directions, available on her website, www.fengshuihouston.com.

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Julia Carroll

imageJulia Carroll presented from her book: NU-REIKI Oneness – The Enlightened Reiki.


Web site: Julia Carroll

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Robbie Robbins

Robbie RobbinsRobbie Robbins is a very active member in our Lone Star Dowsers chapter. He has presented informative talks many times, and has helped instruct newbys in the art of Dowsing. Robbie also conducts a monthly Healing Circle, known as the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends, at the A.R.E.

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New Body Detective Course

I posted this for my friend, Dr Patrick Price. You may click on the image to enlarge it.

Body Detective

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Ozark Research Institute Dowsing & Healing Energies Convention

Ozark Research Institute

Dowsing & Healing Energies Convention

April 19-22, 2013 Springdale, Arkansas

Learning, Laughter, Healing and Empowerment

15 Speakers – Experiential Workshops – Private Healing Sessions

4 Days of Dowsing & Healing Energy Workshops

Private Consultations

Healing Circle Meditation

Healing Hands of ORI

Costume Party

Much More!

$70 per day or $245 all 4 days
(Get it for Less! Discounts Available)

Register or More Information: www.OzarkResearch.org

Don’t Miss this Life Changing Event!
ORI Dowsing & Healing Energies Convention.
April 19-22, 2013
Springdale, Arkansas

Ozark Research Institute
479-582-9197 ● P.O. Box 387 ● Fayetteville, AR 72702-0387, USA

Our Mission:
Serve humanity through education, healing, spiritual awakening and holistic research.
We accomplish this in several ways:
• Empower individuals in their healing quest by integrating mind, body and spirit.
• Provide hope and healing through education and treatment in the latest holistic disciplines.
• Provide a safe, nurturing and healing environment.
• Explore cutting edge research into the power of the mind.

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Dr Billie Martin

Dr Billie Martin, Keynote Speaker, American Society of Dowsers National Convention, 1998, is always a popular speaker at the chapter meetings. He has recently spoken of John of God, the healer in Brazil.
Web site: Dr Billie Martin

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Dr Sam Semir Osmanagic

Dr Sam Semir OsmanagicDr Sam Semir Osmanagic spoke on dowsing and archeology. He also told us about the Bosnian pyramids. Dr Sam is the discoverer of and has been the principal investigator on the “Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids”.
Web Site: Bosnian Pyramids

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Peggy Sue Skipper

Peggy Sue Skipper writes “We all have talents and challenges and knowing what those are is the first step to living more consciously.” Peggy Sue is an Intuitive Hand Analyst and author of 3 books.
She works with people to identify their Life Purpose as it is spelled out in their fingerprints.
Decoding the prints reveals the unchangeable core of a person for this lifetime which also includes a person’s Life Lesson(s).
Web Site: The Consciously Curious

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Doyle Ward

Doyl WardDoyle Ward is a gifted life coach, workshop leader, and lecturer in the field of personal development. Doyle spoke of the Spirit World at more than one of our meetings and also at the Lone Star Dowsers 2011 Conference.

Web Site: Blissful Quests

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Marty Cain

Marty CainMarty Cain spoke on “LABYRINTHS and ADJUSTING LIFE to the CHANGING TIMES” at the Lone Star Dowsers 2012 Conference. Marty has also been a guest speaker at our chapter monthly meeting.

Web Site: Marty Cain

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Essie Munoz, Jr.

Essie Munoz spoke of Silva Ultra Mind ESP. at the Lone Star Dowsers 2012 Conference.

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