Laura Halfin

Laura Halfin spoke of Animal Communication at the Lone Star Dowsers 2012 Conference.

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Ginger McCord

Ginger McCord spoke on a topic of Astrology at the Lone Star Dowsers 2012 Conference. Ginger is also the co-creator and editor of the Indigo Sun Magazine.
Web Site: Indigo Sun Monthly Horoscope

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Susan Taylor

Susan Taylor spoke on “Beyond Belief Grief” at the Lone Star Dowsers 2012 Conference.

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Vernell Boyd

Vernell BoydVernell Boyd has been one of the main movers and organizers of this chapter for some time. Her many lectures are always instructive, enjoyable, and well attended. Without Vernell, the Loan Star Dowsers might have faded away.

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Process of Mailing the Newsletter

The LSD group newsletter list numbers 308 as of this posting. Nearly all email providers restrict group mailings to under 100. Some block any over 60. To send the volume that we have, requires a professional mailing service. I chose because it provides a good service for free if we number under 1000 members. :)

At this time, i have only an iPad and iPhone at my disposal. None of the services that I have found work well with an iPad. So, I am sending, and you are receiving text-only newsletters. The situation will improve when (1) I find a free mail service that likes the iPad, or (2) I regain use of my PC from storage.

In the meantime, meeting notices, speaker descriptions, and other information are being maintained on the LSD Web Site.

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What ever happened to Central Market?


Q: Are we ever returning to Central Market?

Good question.  This should be discussed among the members.  The Central Market management changed their policy regarding the room use.  They now restrict outsider use to registered non-profit organizations and they are not interested in monthly repeat groups.
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The Lost Pilot

On January 30th, the Lone Star Dowsers were notified of a downed Air Force F16 pilot somewhere over the Adriatic Sea.  Several of our members attempted to locate him or to send healing and help extend his life until he was found.  Unfortunately, Air Force Capt. Lucas Gruenther’s body was found 15 miles off the coast of Pesaro, Italy. You can read this article in the Air Force Times or just Google his name.

Our heartfelt sympathies are extended to the Captain’s family.

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Dr Cathy Chapman

Dr Cathy Chapman has a doctorate in Mind/Body Psychology from the Union Institute and University. In addition, she has a MA in Psychology from Stephen F. State University, a MA in Theology from the University of Notre Dame and a BS in Psychology from Lamar University.  She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Certified Hypno-therapist (C.Ht.), and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP).

Cathy’s education has extended well beyond her formal degrees.  She has been on a life long spiritual journey. For 20 years she was a Houston Dominican Sister.  She has continued her spiritual journey since she left the convent in 1996.

Web Site: Cathy Chapman

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February 2013 Meeting

The February 12th Meeting will feature Dr Cathy Chapman ispeaking on holistic healing techniques that she uses in her psychology practice. You may visit her web site at

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January 2013 Meeting

The January 8th Meeting will highlight some of our Lone Star Dowsers members. First, our long time LSD member dowser Steve Smith will share his experiences and lessons learned as a result of a visit to "the kingdom within" and other profound mystical experiences. Steve will be our main speaker.  We also invite other members to share life experiences, dowsing techniques that you have had good results with, or any projects you are currently working on. If you have something you think may be of value to other dowsers, we encourage you to share. If appropriate, bring hand-outs for everyone. After Steve speaks, we will get a show of hands to determine how many speakers want to share and allocate the time accordingly.

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Let’s Talk About Dowsing


Let's Talk About Dowsingby Vernell Boyd Treasure of Lone Star Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers (Vernell Boyd and Raymon Grace pictured)Talk about what? Dowsing—you know “water witching,” “work of the Devil,” “fast Ouija Board,” “witchcraft,” “not something scientifically proven!” How do you talk about dowsing without mentioning these terms—since most people associate said expressions upon hearing the word? So, with that being said, let’s really talk about dowsing. My definition of dowsing is “a search for information using tools or body responses that signify a ‘yes/no’ answer to the questions asked.” Tools that are usable are pendulums, L-rods, Y-rods and bobbers. Body responses can be called Device-less Dowsing, such as finger slides, body twitches, or just a plain gut feeling. Dowsing can be used for locating underground water, broken water pipes, lost objects/ people/pets, direction, health issues, non-beneficial energies in and around the home, selecting the best product/fruit/vegetable for your consumption, and a myriad of other things only limited by the imagination. There are two things you need to know about dowsing—

  • It works.
  • You can do it.

  Now do I have your attention? Let’s look at a brief history of dowsing. Dowsing (also known as divining) has been around for a very long time. For many years it was a “way of life” in families who depended on the help obtained from it—especially in their water supply, their farming habits, and other decision making. Early man felt a connectedness toward his environment and his identity with it as awareness that shaped every aspect of his life. As man passed through further periods of development, his attunement to the more subtle aspects of his environment may have lessened, necessitating devices to identify characteristics of the world about him that once was instinctively grasped and understood. With the rise of materialism, it seems this awareness was lost. Dowsing became a “special interest,” guarded and protected. The practice of dowsing became lost in history. Evidence of this decline can be found in comments made by some of the early religious Leaders: St. Theodore of Canterbury, in the Seventh Century, condemned “augury and divination,” Martin Luther, in the Sixteenth Century, included the use of the rod in his list of acts in violation of the First Commandment, and today leaders of some sects consider Dowsing “the work of the Devil.” In our early history, witches were hanged. Although dowsing has been condemned, isolated and misunderstood, it did not vanish as an art. For one reason, it was a natural human talent; for another, it was too practical. In Sixteenth Century Germany, dowsing was used for locating ore for mining, simply because it was such an efficient tool. The Germans did everything possible to make dowsing acceptable—each dowser wore a distinctive uniform as a member of the mining hierarchy; was an apprentice for a period of time; even the Church authorized members of its own priesthood to dowse and divine. In the 1500s, when Queen Elizabeth I sought new sources of tin, zinc, copper and gold in Cornwall, she imported German dowsers. The coming of the Age of Reason and the Industrial Revolution brought a different attitude and reflected the systematized scientific method which persuaded these thinkers to view man as a limited being whose actions were determined by behavior principles. His intuitive side was treated with more and more skepticism. Dowsing, as an expression of intuition did not fit the prevailing rationalistic concepts, just as it did not lend itself to systematized methods of verification. Many concluded that dowsing was quackery and believed dowsers were deluded–which view has persisted to our time and has lodged in the minds of many conventional thinkers who see themselves as rational and clear-headed people. They create in their minds a logical world in which dowsing cannot exist, and so for them it does not—despite whatever evidence may exist to the contrary. There is a new climate and understanding within which dowsing may unfold as a potential that lies dormant in all of us, which can be accessed in natural, progressive stages by all who are willing to go through a systematic self-training. This expanded awareness is a sign of a return to a relationship with the cosmos that was once a normal part of ancient existence. We can open the doors of dowsing to wider vistas than could have been comprehended before. If we accept the new paradigm that the essential codes of all creation lay within each of us, we sense that no matter how many doors to this new-old knowledge we open, a number of other doors appear to us. That is why dowsing is such an exciting skill to learn and develop. In no other age in history would we have been able to expand it as we can now. Does this information whet your appetite for learning more about dowsing?

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Letter To Robin


Letter To Robin – Walt Woods

Walt WoodsThis Mini-Course in Pendulum Dowsing was designed as a learning tool for beginners. It could be used for a class or for discussion by experienced dowsers for it contains bits of information that even the most skilled dowsers may appreciate.

Click to visit the “Letter To Robin” web site. 

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Pix at August 2012 Meeting

Some pix taken by Nina Midway with her phone.

August 14th, Dr Price gives hands-on demonstration of muscle strength testing.

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September 11th Meeting

The September 11th Meeting program is a video presentation of the Water Project DVD produced by Raymon Grace.  A dowsing workshop for some hands-on dowsing experience will be conducted prior to the main program.

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Gladys McCoy

Gladys McCoy serves as one of the on-staff healers, and event coordinator at ORI.  She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and trained Past Life Therapist.  As an ordained minister, she shares insights from Spirit..  Gladys has been a guest speaker at our chapter meetings many times.
Web site: Gladys McCoy

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Dr Patrick Price

Dr Patrick Price runs the Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Houston.  Dr. Price has been a Lone Star Dowsers favorite guest speaker multiple times.  He is an expert in muscle strength testing and is able to present the subject well.  Dr. Price brings in his perspective of dowsing and marshal arts.

Dr Price has an upcoming Body Detective course starting in March, 2013.
Web site: Chiropractic and Wellness Center

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August 14th Meeting

The August 14th Meeting will be the first of a new format.  We will have a thirty minute lesson and workshop on dowsing techniques with Robert Hirshfieldfollowed by a guest speaker. The August guest speaker is Dr Patrick Price.  Dr Price runs the Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Houston.  His topic for our meeting will be muscle strength testing.  He will also bring signup material for Raymon Grace's vist this October which Dr Price is sponsoring.  Format: Thirty minutes of dowsing workshop.  Main program begins at 7:30 PM.

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